Hi there!
I am George Fandridis, a Fullstack web developer, passionate with coding, problem-solving and building amazing applications!

Technologies I like to
work with.










Some things I've built with love and
lots of coffee.

An app to show location-based weather info.
A game of tic-tac-toe against an unbeatable computer.
A simple calculator made with vanilla JavaScript.
The well-known board game written in JavaScript.
A stylish form with animations written in CSS.
A pomodoro timer to keep track of time and keep ourselves productive! Build with React.
Coming Soon!
Stay close... an awesome new project might appear over here very soon...

The man behind the code.

Who am I?
Hi everyone, I am George. I was born and raised in Greece, but at the moment you will find me wandering around the streets of Copenhagen, Denmark. I am your usual tech-nerd who loves all aspects of web development. From the coding and problem-solving to the culture and people working in the field. When not coding, you will find me hitting the gym, watching a movie, or traveling the world.

What am I up too?
I have skills in both the back-end of web applications and the front-end. With a background in Computer Science and Engineering Management, I thrive in situations where complex problems need to be broken down and worked on. At the moment, I am spending most of my free time learning and mastering some of the latest technologies and frameworks. This site exists as a showcase of the things I learn and projects I build along the way.

What next?
Ideally, my next step will be to work in a team with like-minded people and start creating amazing applications that will be used by millions of people!

Let's chat.

  • Do I seem to be the perfect fit for a project or a job?

  • Are you a passionate developer in need of a fellow friend?

  • Did you just remember a good joke worth sharing?

  • Whatever the reason, I am always available for a chat! You can find me on one of the social networks below or send me a quick message using the super-stylish contact form that I created.